Gain entry points into the difficult to navigate federal government sector. Our consultants have knowledge and networks that will assist your company in competing in this market place.


School districts across the US are some of the largest acquisition opportunities for businesses providing goods and services. Our consultants will identify potential access points for your company.

Sports & Entertainment

Use our vast network of professional athletes and entertainment superstars as guest speakers or to make a guest appearance at your next event. We also have experience managing and operating sports and entertainment events and have event management professionals ready to make your event a success.


Establishing your organization as a federally recognized entity can be difficult. Let us show you the way to achieve this by using our consultant's knowledge of this process.

Information Technology (IT) & Cybersecurity

Staffing, industry subject matter experts (SMEs), help desk solutions, and certification training are all services that our consultants excel in!

Marketing & Branding

Whether it's a big birthday bash or a corporate training session, our consultants are skilled at promoting and marketing your event. We can even create a customized logo or flyer to ensure your brand is being exposed to the masses.